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Why Hire an Brewing Consultant?

The expanding craft brewing industry has created demand for specialized equipment and skilled brewers. Many steel fabricators have taken on the task of producing breweries. Unfortunate to the brewing industry is the lack of knowledge of brewing process and modern brewery design as these new start-ups turn to them for assistance. Poor craftsmanship, design and advice from the small brewery suppliers has fostered the high numbers of poor quality beers on the market today. Of course, the lack of experienced brewers in the United States also contributes to this effect. A qualified brewer understands through every step of the process what needs to be accomplished and how the equipment enables him to get the job done. Anybody can make beer, but few know the proper procedures to make an exceptional beer. Lueders Consulting can help you optimize the mix of labor and machinery to effectively produce the best beer every time.

Lueders Consulting has successfully designed and begun operations for pub breweries and packaging breweries up to 35,000 barrels per year capacity. Quality control programs and energy smart designs are implemented to make the best products consistently and efficiently. Mr. Lueders was trained at the prestigious Doemens brewing school in Munich, Germany. He has been brewing commercially since 1987 and has toured over 200 brewery related facilities in 15 countries. Mr. Lueders is creating a network of other well trained specialists to provide a more comprehensive service to the growing craft brewing industry world wide. See projects by Lueders Consulting under services provided..





4018 US Hwy 93 N. Stevensville, MT 59870 U.S.A.
Phone: 406-529-6919

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