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The Pub breweries cost between $400 and $600 per barrel of yearly capacity to build which would include the pub and restaurant typically.

The space used for the brewery can be as low as 0.5 square foot per barrel of yearly capacity.

Pub breweries generally produce between 300 and 3000 barrels per year. A 300 barrel brewery might increase a restaurants food sales by as much as 25%. With most brew pubs, the beer is the profit maker.

A packaging micro brewery may cost between $150 and $300 per barrel of yearly capacity to build. For breweries 10,000 barrels and over, these figures could be $75 less, especially if the building is leased.

The break even point for micro breweries is between 3000 and 6000 barrels per year. The pub brewery, providing it can sell its beer directly to the consumer, will have a much lower break even point.

Brewhouse yields from all malt beers produced from using a two roll feed mill and single temperature infusion mash can be 65 -68%.

More sophisticated equipment design and brewing technique can bring the brewhouse yield up to 82%. Close to what a malt analysis shows possible with a congress mashing in a lab.

Typical kettle thermal efficiencies (i.e. total BTU absorption by the boiling wort divided by the BTU input to the burner) are 40 to 65% for flame fired kettles. Energy input is usually 25,000 to 30,000 BTU per hour per barrel of hot cast wort. Steam fired kettles are much more efficient, but require more expense initially and in maintenance although they save on the energy.

10 to 20 BTU chiller capacity is required per barrel of yearly capacity for refrigeration needs.

Micro breweries usually spend between $100,000 and $500,000 on filling lines operating at 50 - 275 bpm (average 80 bpm). Air levels are as low as .2 ml per 12 oz., but 1.5 ml is most common, diminishing shelf life.

The average micro brewery needs 5 to 15 employees per 10,000 barrels of yearly production.

Storage for Sacked malt requires .15 to .25 square feet per barrel of yearly capacity.

Energy requirement : 50,000 kcal / 1brl sales beer (25% for bottling).

Electricity requirement: 10 -12 kwh / 1 brl sales beer (25% for bottling).

Water requirement: 6 -8 brls / 1 brl sales beer (30% for bottling).

Hot Break: No more than 80mg / liter.

Cold Break: 100 gms / liter.

Yeast Pitching: 15-20 million cells / ml.

Oxygenation of wort: no more than 9mg / liter (4-5mg / liter normal).

Each Brewer should produce a minimum of 5-6000 barrels / yr. for large plants.




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