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Client and Trade Remarks


Dogwood Brewery.
"Jim Lueders was a tremendous asset for us during the start-up phase, Both his educational and practical experiences in the brewing industry make him a great resource. He had insightful suggestions regarding the design of our brewing equipment, was indispensable in solving problems during the installation, and really assisted us in creating not just our recipes but more importantly the techniques and methods we use to craft our beers. Despite his brewing talents, he still can't dance to funky bluegrass."
Crawford Moran 

Sonora Brewing Company:
"Jim is very knowledgeable about brewing and sets high standards for our brewery resulting in excellent beer".
John Watt - Owner


BrewPub Magazine
"Breweries that produce an inferior product won't last long, says Jim Lueders, president of Lueders Consulting in Missoula, Montana. Over the next few years, we will see a serious weeding out in the craft-beer industry as the American palate becomes more sophisticated."

"...I believe there are lots of ways to successfully solve a problem. We look at our clients constraints and, with our focus always on creating the finest product available, set out to best solve that problem."


"I want my clients to get the equipment that suits their needs. I train the brewing staff to be most efficient and to produce the highest-quality product available."

Thomas J. Miller - Brew Pub


Brewers Digest
"Sophisticated brewing equipment" at Liberty Brewing Company "are all state of the art." "Portland General Electric is giving a $90,000 rebate to Liberty Brewing as part of the Energy Smart Design program".

"Portland General Electric President Richard Reiten described the cutting edge energy conservation technology incorporated in the new brewery and presented a rebate check to Liberty".

Brewers Digest, March 1993



Lueders Brewing Consultant

 4018 US Hwy 93 N., Stevensville, MT 59870 U.S.A.
Phone: 406/529-6919

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